Follow 3 simple steps to get your website started

Step 1

  • Purchase the web Package on this page for $380

Step 2

  • Once we receive your Purchase, we will send you form to complete with information about your business, logos, which template you wish to use, images and contact details. You must send this back to us so we can build your site.

Step 3

  • Once we receive your form we will strt building your site. Once completed your site will be live and we will contact you and send you log in details and information on how your edit and grow your site. and don't worry if you ge stuck we will be here to help you

After 12 Months

With our product you get a FREE .com domain name registered for 12 months and FREE 12 months web hosting. If you wish to continue after 12 months you will be billed $180 per year for your domain name and webhosting.


Wowsites. building for you

Needing a website but don't want to spend a lot of money. This is a perfect way  with very little outlay. You don't need experience and your site will be online and ready in 5 days with wowsites.

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Tamim Shaharia

Lead Developer, Focal Inc

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